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A Malomtó Horgásztó és Szabadidőpark
Cím: 8500 Pápa, Igali u. 739/10
Telefon 30/574-0141
Nyitva tartás Télen: 8.00-16.00, Nyáron: 6.00-20.00 óráig
Szolgáltatásaink: Leisure centre for programmes, fishing, gathering or business meetings. You can even find a football pitch, a camping and a place where can stroke animals. Gorgeous scene for weddings.
AnglingPrivate parking facilityPing-pongRestaurantBicycle for hireBarbecueDartsCamping sitePlaying groundFootball pitchSports equipment for hireHoliday chequebaby friendlyFood ticketKitchenDirect access to water-sideBreakfastBicycle storage place
Event managementBeer pubAnimal pattingHorse-riding

Bakony-ér Turistaház
Cím: 8562 Nagytevel, Kossuth u. 56.
Telefon 89/353-696, 30/532-5044
Szolgáltatásaink: Nagytevel lies at the foot of Bakony mountain, where Pápa plain and Bakonyalja meet. This is a beautiful environment 10 kilometres away from Pápa. It is a 35 hectare area lake with beach circled by forests and hills. The environment gives an enjoyable relaxation. Everybody can enjoy the sun, the water, can camp at the lake and go for a trip on the fixed route. A touristhouse (for 50 people) , an apartman with four beds, a tennis court and a gym wait our guests.

Brenner Gold Kemping
Cím: 2484 Gárdony-Agárd, Üdülõk útja 17.
Telefon 22/579-187, 30/562-9269
Fax 22/579-188
Nyitva tartás egész évben
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Szolgáltatásaink: You can find our one hectare camping site directly on the Lake of Velence. There are 8 en suite wooden bungalows for our visitors on holiday. You have the possibility to have your caravan parked here throughout the year. We have our own beach on the lake and a closed car park for the convenience of our guests. Angling, boating, barbecue, garden grilling, live music at weekend are available.
Room with bathGarden placeDirect access to water-sidePrivate garden poolCamping siteFor wheelchairHoliday chequeFridgeBarbecuePrivate parking facilityBeer pubTelevisionPierAnglingPing-pongDance, musicliving accomodationNo. of rooms/beds

Club Velence Camping
Cím: 2481 Velence, Cserje u. 54.
Telefon 20/931-0622
AnglingFridgePing-pongBeer pubDirect access to water-sideWatercraft for hireBicycle for hireNo. of rooms/bedsBarbecueDartsKitchenCamping siteBicycle storage placeTelevisionPrivate parking facility

Dömös Camping
Cím: 2027 Dömös, Dunapart
Telefon 33/482-319
Fax 33/414-800
Nyitva tartás május 1-tõl - szept. 15.
Szolgáltatásaink: Dömös is a settlement laying on the most beautiful place of the Danube-bend, at the main road no. 11, in a distance of 45 km from Budapest and 15 km from Esztergom. The camping can be found in a restful environment at the Danube
KitchenDirect access to water-sideDogs allowedInternation cousinePrivate garden poolCamping siteFor wheelchairHoliday chequeFridgeInternetPlaying groundBarbecueAir-conditioningPrivate parking facilityTelevisionTelephoneBilliardAngling
Sports equipment for hire

Fényes Fürdõ és Camping
Cím: 2890 Tata, Környei u. 24.
Telefon 34/481-208, 30/586-12-77
Fax 34/588-144
Nyitva tartás május 1. - szept. 15.
Szolgáltatásaink: The Fényes Bath and Camping Site lies 3 kilometres far away from the centre of Tata, on a 30 hectare large environmental protection area. Sport facilities: 6 swimming-pools, slide, beach volley-ball and football court, foot tennis, basketball, table tennis, sauna, fishing, trip routes. Accomodation: wood house and motel cathegory.
Room with bathDirect access to water-sidePrivate garden poolCamping siteFor wheelchairHoliday chequeFridgePlaying groundBarbecueSaunaTelevisionAnglingVolleyballTour

Golf Ifjúsági Túristaszálló és kemping
Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Nagy-Duna sétány 2-3.
Telefon 20/390-7219

Golf Túrista Szálló és Kemping
Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Duna sétány 2-3.
Telefon 20/390-7219
Fax 33/413-015
Nyitva tartás májustól szeptemberig

Gran Camping, Panzió és Ifjúsági Szállás
Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Nagy Duna Sétány Pf.:280
Telefon 30/948-9563, 33/402-513
Fax 33/411-953
Nyitva tartás 04.20-09.30
A kupon nyomtatásához kattintson ide
Szolgáltatásaink: Make an excursion to the historical Esztergom, and get an accomodation by the bank of river Danube, at GRAN CAMPING SITE! Camping, air-conditioned apartmans, wood-houses and youth hostel ( 4-8 bed ) to a capacity of 160 people. It is 10 minutes away from the downtown, and 500 metres away from the new experience swimming pools. Own swimming pool, playground, football field, restaurant and so on.
No. of rooms/bedsFridgePrivate parking facilityTelevisionBicycle storage placeDogs allowedCamping siteRestaurantAnglingRoom with bath

Julcsa Kisvegyes, Büfé és Kemping
Cím: 8175 Balatonfűzfő, Balaton krt. 195.
Telefon 30/495-0705,30/292-9633
Nyitva tartás H-V.: 6-22-ig
Szolgáltatásaink: Camping site for 60-70 people, with renewed shower-bath and kitchen. Own television for the campers, facility to grill and cook in stew-pots. A little house for 3 people also belongs to the camping site. Boat, landing stage can be rented at place. Direct shore 100 metres away.
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